NM Dahl Sheep

The New Mexico House of Representatives, in House Memorial 77 voted to recognize the New Mexico Dahl Sheep as a heritage breed in March 2013

 Bernalillo County has adopted the NM Dahl Sheep as the live mascot for the county Bernco Bernie

The United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc. voted to recognize and represent the New Mexico Dahl Sheep in January 2013. Please visit their web-site for more information on NM Dahl Sheep as well as other hair sheep breeds.

 Early petroglyphs of what look like hair sheep being herded in the southwest. Notice all the "sheep" have horns?

(Feel free to contact us if you have any information about this petroglyph)

Thanks to the extensive work of Donald A. Chavez, There is plenty of helpfull information on the history of the NM Dahl Sheep. Visit Don's web-site for more information. [Terra Patre Farms ]