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Photo courtesy of Terra Patre Farms 

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G.A.G.E Farms is a small hobby/micro farm in the mountains east of Albuquerque NM. We started off with a few chickens, dogs and a couple of goats. Now we have added NM Dahl Sheep to the farm.  NM Dahl sheep are not well known to the general public so part of our goal is to introduce the breed and it's history to others.  

 We will be selling Bighorn Cross sheep along with the NM Dahl's starting in 2016!! The Bighorn/NM Dahl cross is turning out to be a great combination of impressive rams.

 We were the first breeder to have our sheep registered with the UHHSA!! 

 Our Goal is to breed high quality healthy sheep for many years to come. Our sheep are far and few between and we are working hard to build the population and to avoid inbreeding and out-crossing  while maintaining the breed standards.

 If you are interested in NM Dahl's, Beef, chickens or fresh eggs go to our contact page and send us a note!!

                   ***Reserve your spring lambs today!!***

             (NOTE: All available 2018 sheep have been sold!)

            Big Thanks to all the new NM Dahl Sheep Breeder

We have also offered to donate NM Dahl sheep to multiple organizations through out NM to help educate and preserve the history of the breed. Bernalillo County will be the first to show case the NM Dahl with a small herd on exhibit at the Gutierrez-Hubbell House south of Albuquerque. If you are interested in continuing the preservation or contributing to this cause feel free to contact us!! 

Thank You

G.A.G.E Farms

Working Hard!

Photo courtesy of Terra Patre Farms