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NM Dahl Lamb, 4hrs  Old!!Born-3/24/14

NM Dahl Sheep are not the same as Alaska Doll's or Texas Dalls. They have their own unique origin and deep rooted history in N.M. (Ovis Dalli Novo Mexicanis)

 Rams can range from 200 to 275 lbs. Mature Rams can have horn length's from 30'' to 45" with a 15" base. Ewe's will also have horns that can reach up to 9" long. 

 NM Dahl Sheep are a hair breed, they do grow a small amount of wool in the fall and shed it off in the spring. These sheep were feral in NM for a few hundred years. Small herds were able to adapt and overcome in the high country by cross breeding with the wild bighorn population. Now that we have identified them as a unique breed, we are working on expanding the numbers across the state. Through selective breeding we hope to develop better meat, hardiness and horn growth with the sheep. We have now re-introduced wild Bighorn genetics back into our sheep hoping to bring back the look and size of the NM Dahl from 300 years ago. 

 The benefit of the NM Dahl breed is the hardiness of the sheep. They are easy to care for and require no sheering. The ewe's make excellent mother's with little or no assistance during the birthing process and are very protective of their young. NM Dahl's are very good weed eaters and in my opinion better than goats. They will not only eat the weeds and native grasses but they do very well on them which in turn lowers the cost of feed while reaching good size and weight. They also tend to leave the bark on my tree's unlike the goats. In fact, the goats that we had loved pine trees and managed to destroy all they had access to, the sheep do not seem to bother the tree's except to scratch their heads on them.

 NM Dahl's are well suited for small scale farms. The easy care and high tolerance of the hair sheep make them ideal for the novice sheep farmer.

 If you are considering purchasing goats for weed control or pets, take a look at the benefits of the NM Dahl sheep. They do as good or better than the goats but will provide you with a unique opportunity to own New Mexico's only heritage breed sheep.

 High quality and well bred NM Dahl's have the potential to provide a return on your investment. From the trophy hunting industry to leather and food  industries there is a market out there for the hair sheep. Trophy rams can sell anywhere from $500 to $5000 depending on the quality and the market.

​​​​​We are the first NM Dahl Sheep breeder to have registered sheep with the UHHSA!!

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2 yr old NM Dahl

NM Dahl Sheep